Culture Change Conversation - Part 2

By Heath O'Leary on March 24, 2017 in

360˚ Surveys

In our previous post Starting a Culture Change Conversation we reviewed how to identify key business issues in specific, behavioral terms and we started to uncover drivers of the behaviors that contribute to problems....

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Starting A Culture Change Conversation

By Heath O'Leary on March 20, 2017 in

360˚ Surveys

When working with an executive team to discuss culture change, you want to set expectations. It is good to go to a flipchart or whiteboard and capture any additional expectations members of the team have.  In an ideal situation, the CEO or leader ...

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Infographic: How to Direct Real Culture Change

Culture is a group’s shared assumptions. These shared assumptions about “what works” or “how to do things” drive how you behave in meetings, how you treat customers and vendors, and how you relate to each other.  ...

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How Do You View Culture?

By Heath O'Leary on March 03, 2017 in

360˚ Surveys, ThinkBox

Organizations are a lot like icebergs. They are really “steered” by the effects of beliefs and habits that are “below the waterline”and not readily thought about. Most organizational initiatives focus on the “above the waterline” aspects of the ...

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